Saturday, December 10, 2005

Toot toot tookie, Goodbye!

Toot toot tookie, Goodbye!
Toot toot tookie, Don't Cry!

So here's the dilemma. I'm opposed to the death penalty. Not because people don't deserve it, but because it's possible to make a mistake. I have no theoretical opposition to it, just an opposition to how it's applied.

Chr-stian groups have rallied around Tookie. They want to save his life.

But there's a twist here: nobody denies his guilt. They want to save him because "they forgive him". The want to save him because he's written children's books. They want to save him because he claims to be a "born-again Chr-stian".

I'm sorry, Stupid Goyim! You do not have the power or authority to forgive Tookie for murdering 4 people. And G-d can only forgive you for sins against G-d. For sins from one human being comitted against another, only that "other" can forgive you. And if they're dead...well that's too bad.

It is a demented, twisted, and un-American state of affairs for so-called Chr-stians to want to save admitted murderers because they're "Born Again."

Toot toot, tookie, Don't Cry!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Where would Jeezus Shop?

It seems that the Goyim are worried about "Where Would Jeezus Shop". There are two main groups opposing certain businesses. One doesn' t like stores that say "Holidays" instead of "Chr-stmas". The other doesn't like Wal*Mart for its business practices.

Wal*Mart isn't my favorite retailer either, but I have news for the Goyim: Jeezus wouldn't be buying presents for his own birthday! So the question "Where would Jeezus shop" is moot.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What type of person does Chr-stian Missionary work?

I do feel sorry for Rigoberto Alpizar; the mentally deranged man who was shot by Air Marshalls after he stated he had a bomb.

What was interesting is why he was traveling back to the United States! It seems this mentally unstable man, described as "manic" and "bipolar" by his wife, was on his way back from a Chr-stian Missionary trip.

Certainly only a mentally deranged man can believe that you can commit any sin and be "saved" by the simply declaration of faith in Jeezus!

Alpizar and his wife were returning from Quito, Equador on what was described by the news media as a "missionary trip". If you've always wondered about the mental stability of the folks who go around trying to convert people, here's a "instance proof."

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nothing pleases G-d more than plastic graven images!

Chr-sitans love their graven images...the tackier the better! Does anyone think G-d, who we know doesn't like idolotry, really wants plastic replicas of false Messiahs (with internal illumination) on people's front lawns?

These Novi, Michigan homeowners are involved in a battle with their "homeowners' association" over their right to display this.

(Believe it or not, I'm on their side! People should have a right to do what they want with their property, no matter how blasphemous or distasteful.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Line up to buy crap, trample each other, in the name of JEEZUS

What do Chr-stians do to mark the start of their "holiday season"? They wake up at 5:00am to to shop at Wal-Mart (a company that's been in trouble for some very un-Chr-stian activity, like locking its cleaning staff in the store at night)....and then trample each other!

The Grand Rapids Press, for example, reported that "Black Friday" (the day when retailers claim they start to turn a profit), turned into "black and blue friday" as goyeshe shoppers trampled each other in order to spend in the name of their "Messiah".

From the article:

Erik Turk, 38, left the Grandville store in an ambulance -- but with a $400 laptop computer. Deja McHerron, 13, shopping at the Cascade Township store, wasn't so lucky. She only got a trip to the hospital.

They were among a dozen or so people trampled at local Wal-Mart stores as shoppers rushed through the doors at 5 a.m. Friday, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. They fell like dominoes, with other shoppers going over and around the downed individuals to get to the merchandise they sought.

Isn't there something wrong with a religion that beleives in trampling each other? Is that what Jeezus would have done?

Monday, November 14, 2005

What does a Chr-stain 14 year old girl do?

What does a 14-year old Chr-stian girl like to do? Kara Beth Borden loved Jeezus. On her "myspace" blog, she lists " "JESUS!!," "church," "my youth group," and "hugging." " as her favorite activites.

So what does this "good Chr-stian girl" do? She hooks up with an 18-year old boy she met on the Internet, who said in his on-line profile that he "likes to get in trouble," and the two of them murdered her parents when they disapproved of the relationship.

Obviously, because she belongs to a faith that lets you say "I'm Sorry Jeezus" and get away with murder, she had no trouble committing this act.

Read the story at

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Meth-Driven Life

Chr-stians all over the US paraded Ashley Smith as their new hero! She's the woman who told the story that she talked murderer Brian Nichols into giving himself up by reading to him the book "The Purpose Driven Life."

Actually, what she did was give him drugs! Meth, to be exact. They got high together. She led him to her stash of "crystal meth." I suppose that's what Jeezus would have done!

The outrageous thing is that nobody's bringing her up on Drug Charges! I urge any patriotic American citizen reading this to send a letter to the White House Office of National Drug Policy and request that they bring Ashley Smith to Justice. It's outrageous that in America, white Chr-stian women can provide drugs to black people and skip around free, but blacks who supply drugs to whites end up in the slammer!

And what's the Chr-stian community doing about Ashley? She's still their hero! In the a-moral Chr-stian religion, you can do any thing you want, as long as it's followed by "I'm sorry, Jeezus".